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Open Water Swim Clinics

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Unlike many of the swim lessons or swim workshops that are offered on the market today our private swimming lessons are tailored to the individual's needs. The private swimming lessons are held in our highly ventilated swim studio by appointment only.

Each swim lesson is tailored specifically to the individual by your swim coach, in a heated pool at our USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center, and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So whether you're swimming for fitness, preparing for a triathlon, or looking to step up your swim game you've come to the right spot. Our swim coaches will help you take your swim performance to the next level.


If you would like to meet with one of our swim coaches first before getting started you're welcome to schedule a consult (no obligation, no fee) and we can meet and further discuss your needs and you can check out our facilities.

Unlike many of the swim swim lessons or workshops that are offered on the market today our workshops are private instruction, tailored specifically to the individual, and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pick your swim coach and start improving your swim today.


Third Coast Training Swimming Workshops For Triathletes are one on one and in the "Learn to swim workshop" or "Swim Faster" we'll get you relaxed and on your way to a much improved freestyle stroke. You'll learn what your inefficiencies are and how to correct them.

Our swim coaches will take you through a step by step process that we allows you to gain confidence in your stroke, breathing, and much more relaxed state. Each stage involves drills to improve your stroke mechanics. As you learn how to do the drills you'll be able to apply them to your workouts so you can continue to refine your stroke much like a golfer with his swing.

During your swim lesson your swim coach will provide video recording so you can see your before and after on each drill. The end result is while you're swimming you'll know how to "self correct" your stroke. Each student has their own "trouble spots" and at the end of the workshop they'll have the skills to overcome them. Upon completion of the hourly session or one-day workshop your swim coach will provide you a copy of your recorded HD video via email. In short, you can review what you learned.


Our swim workshops are provided on a daily and weekly basis and can be scheduled via our online scheduler. Our indoor pool is located in Pasadena, Tx. off of beltway 8. Lessons can be purchased individually or in a package. These would be loaded as credits into your online scheduling account. If you have a tight training budget we can spread the payments over time but get started with your training right away.