Performance Lab

Training can be confusing. You'll hear about how running or cycling slow will get you faster but how slow is to slow and how long should you go?

Are you training at your ideal intensities or are you racking up a lot of junk mileage?

Also, when it comes time to build your anaerobic threshold are you pushing hard enough? With each each assessment we'll give you a thorough consultation so you'll understand your training needs and how your body responds to exercise. A private shower is available at our facility to use after your consult.

A key benefit of periodic testing

An athlete may be exhibiting a degree of overtraining if they consistently fail to improve on planned testing sessions.

The benefit of periodic performance testing or physiological tests is that it provides a basis for measuring the effectiveness of the training program, and training improvement.

When a plateau in performance results is noticed the next step is to identify the variable or root cause. If you're self coached this would be an opportunity to discuss with a fitness professional to help dial in your training to maximize your results.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or schedule a free no obligation consult.

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Schedule Appointment - Bike Testing | VO2max | Blood Lactate Testing

Schedule Appointment - Run Testing | VO2max | Blood Lactate Testing