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I completed my massage therapy training in 2010 with the Memorial Hermann Massage and Spa Therapy School in Houston, Texas. I'm a full time endurance coach and licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and sports massage. I understand the demands of your training and competition and my goal is to help you stay in the game. For those looking to relax no worries you do have options. I do provide a relaxing Swedish massage and deep heat hot stone massage with specially handcrafted synergy stones. Confused with all the different types of massage therapy modalities? Don't worry, I'll apply the appropriate technique whether you're looking to relax , back pain relief, deep tissue massage or something more specialized such as post-event sports massage to reduce your recovery time. Experience an individualized massage session that will meet your bodywork expectations.

The course of treatment will be accessed and determined by YOU and YOUR licensed Massage Therapist prior to each bodywork session for the most therapeutic outcome.



A sports massage is vital for the success of both recreational and professional athletes. As anyone involved in sports knows, every single day requires the use of a competitor's skills and energy. Continuous strain on the muscles can lead to soreness, fatigue, cramps, or even permanent damage if the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible.

Training every single day will have an acummulative effect on the muscles. At first the soreness will seem fine and typically goes away with a few light stretches and recovery time, but as time goes on the tension on the muscles will only continue to grow and increase the chances of injury. Well timed sport massages within an athlete's training program is recommended to maximize performance.

Most athletes already incorporate a massage into their training programs. If you are not one of them then now is the time to be. A sports massage by us is the only way to completely rejuvenate the muscles from the hardship they faced after training, racing, a hard training bock, or a tough game. Many different strokes and techniques are used to loosen tense areas to help them relax. I typically perform a variety of different massage methods into a single session in order to provide the best for our clients.

What Are the Drawbacks of Overworked Muscles?

There are many complications that could arise as a result of overworked and strained muscles. Below is a list of most of several possible problems:

Low Fever
Vitamin Deficiencies
Sore Throat
Short Term Memory Loss
Severe Fatigue
Joint Pains

As you can see, you want to avoid over-stressing the muscles or serious problems could arise. This is why relieving the muscles with a massage therapy is so important.



So how does applying pressure to certain parts of the body benefit it? This is because a thorough massage increases the flow of our blood in the body which relieves and relaxes muscle tension. This also improves the body’s ability to transfer oxygen and nutrients throughout it while at the same time it promotes the disposal of toxins and wastes.

A massage does not only benefit an athlete physically, but psychologically as well. Techniques will be used to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. It will also improve focus and concentration for the game or race ahead as well which is exactly what you need to feel in order to perform at your best..

In the end, a sports massage is used to reduce and prevent injuries caused by tense and over-trained muscles. They can restore damaged muscle mobility and bring them back to an optimal condition with only a few sessions. Sports massages will increase the career of an athlete by a significant amount of time.

For people who suffer from the symptoms of arthritis, a massage is one of the best treatments available for relief from these painful and uncomfortable symptoms. After a hectic day at work filled with stress, a relaxing massage is all that will be on your mind. You would never deny a relieving foot massage if you’ve been standing for hours on end the entire day. People with arthritis who constantly experience problems from migraines to back pain, massage therapies are the best way to fix this.



Arthritis is a painful disease which weakens the joints within the body. There are many types of arthritis out there. The elderly are not the only people affected as children and adolescents can also suffer from arthritis. Arthritis causes the muscles to be sore and the affected areas are deformed due to the reddening of the surrounding skin. Arthritis is a typical disease among adults who have symptoms such as lingering pain in the joints and inflammation of these areas. Although pain killers are available, it is possible to get natural relief through body massages. Arthritis is a terrible disease that deteriorates the body and it is just one of the many problems that can develop as we age with time.

A massage done by a professional licensed massage therapist can promote calmness of the mind and reduce the inflammation and swelling of our joints tenfold by relaxing the tissues and muscles deep under the skin. Massages can be performed differently depending on your specific wants and needs. An arthritis massage is a therapy that is commonly performed on the area where the arthritis disease is with intense pressure by means of the elbows or hands of the masseuse handling the massage.

Massage therapy is the most effective method for the treatment of arthritis since it relaxes and strengthens the joints as well as:

- Reduces all swelling.

- Prevents inflammation.

- Breaks down and prevents possible deformities.

- Relieves soreness and chronic pain.

- Relaxes stiffness of the joints.
The specific health benefits depend on the type of massage that you receive.
The top three available for arthritis and the joints include:


Most athletes know that a sports massage is necessary in order to win the season. The reason for this is because a sport massage focuses on relaxing the muscles from intense training sessions to ready them for the game as well as improve the range of motion. An athlete’s muscles will be at their best since the muscles are prepared for an all-out performance.

If you are back from an intense workout session, you can have a sports massage that will prevent that muscle soreness and if you are looking for pain treatment, this massage is the one to choose. Visit our Houston massage parlour and you will find a world of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is the most recommended for anyone affected with the symptoms of arthritis. The tension in tissue and the muscles are relieved by applying pressure to the muscle deeply underneath the skin.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot or cold stones will be used as the tool to apply pressure to the joints. Both of these stones are placed on the inflamed and swollen joints in order to reduce inflammation and relax the joints.

If you don’t know which massage is best for you, then we will let you know when you arrive. A massage has many life-changing benefits, so be sure to schedule an appointment.


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